Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your PIN as well as your password you will need to contact your contract commissioner(s) for a reminder or new PIN

If you know your PIN and have registered your email address with us, you can enter your PIN then click the ‘Reset my Password’ button. We will then send an automated temporary password to your email address.

If you know your PIN and have set up a secret question and answer with us, you can telephone our helpdesk on 0845 123 6441. If you can quote your PIN, name and provide the answer to your secret question, one of our technicians will reset your password which will allow you to log in. Please only do this if you haven’t registered your email address.

In the interest of security and to protect sensitive information, if you have forgotten your password and have not registered an email address, or secret question and answer, we will not be able to verify that you are an authorised user and will not be able to confirm or reset your password. In this case you will need to inform your commissioner or contract manager as they will need to email us in order to reset your password.

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