Cross-prescribing is the practice of allowing one prescriber to enter orders on behalf of another. The relationship between cross-prescribers and the prescriber(s) they can order for is strictly controlled by your commissioners. The fact that you can see this message indicates that your pin is set up to allow you to cross-prescribe. The cross-prescribing process starts when you click the ‘Create Order’ menu button. Here, you will see confirmation that you are a cross-prescriber and will have the option to select an ‘ordering prescriber’ from a drop down list. After selecting an ordering prescriber, the indicator at the top of the page will flash red and the name of your selected prescriber will be shown. From this point onwards, the authorisation levels (prescribing limits) of the chosen prescriber will be inherited and orders keyed will be registered against the chosen prescriber. Note that orders keyed will show against the chosen prescribers PIN in the iRIS4 system and management information reports but we still keep a record that the order was physically keyed by yourself!

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