Session Timeout

In order to protect sensitive information, this site has a ‘session timeout’. This means that after a set period of inactivity, the site will automatically log you out. The time before this happens is displayed in minutes at the top of each page as a counter. This timeout period is reset each time there is an activity on the page. An activity is defined as anything that interacts with the NRS web servers. Note that clicking the refresh button or performing any activity that changes the page will reset the counter but wiggling the mouse, highlighting text or scrolling won’t.

We understand that there are often frequent distractions and phone calls that prevent continuous use of the site. Therefore if you do get timed-out, any partially entered orders will we automatically saved. If this happens we will display a ‘Saved Order Count’ in red on the ‘My Orders’ information panel on the right of the page. Clicking this link will take you to your saved orders page where you will be able to retrieve the order or discard it. Note that the indicator will only go red when your attention is required.

Help Ref: 37